Certum SSL

Certum Commercial SSL

Validation Type: DV Reissue: Unlimited Issuance: Minutes Warranty: $200,000

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Poland’s most experienced and renowned Certificate Authority offers an extremely affordable line of 256-bit level SSL certificates created for quick issuance and low cost. For less than $20 a year and under 15 minutes, you can secure databases, portals, blogs, mail servers, and more. Because the Certum Commercial SSL is a domain validated (DV) SSL certificate, you get a speedy & inexpensive certificate behind their trusted, big-name brand. It’s a strong, basic certificate for a stripped-down price.

Assurance & Authentication

In as few as Minutes, after the domain ownership verification is complete, you can present the Certum site seal on your website and encrypt your end users’ information. The benefit of only validating domain ownership means you spend less time waiting on issuance and save money by choosing the most basic verification process. Easy installation & quick issuance makes this certificate highly attractive for any of the smaller ecommerce websites, along with internal sites.

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

The high 256-bit level encryption and 2048/4096 bit root offers a desirable level of protection for any website security manager whose primary focus is on beefing up security & encryption. However, or businesses interested in also adding trust to their website, there is the more thoroughly vetted CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate available.

SAN & Multi-Domain Support

Although this low-cost & quick-issued certificate allows for domain name protection with and without the “www” (eg. www.yourstore.com or yourstore.com), it is not available with SAN or Multi-Domain Support. There is however, the CERTUM Commercial SSL Wildcard, which protects an unlimited number of subdomains (eg. mail.yourstore.com, login.yourstore.com, etc.). Unfortunately, we do not offer a Certum SAN certificate at this time.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility for this certificate is excellent, around 99.9%. This certificate is also very strong with mobile compatibility.

Feature & Benefits

    • Validation: DV
    • $200,000 Warranty
    • 99.00% browser recognition
    • Up to 256-bit encryption
    • 2048 / 4096-bit root
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Fast Verification

Site Seal

This certificate includes a free Certum site seal. This internationally recognized seal (from the only Polish Certificate Authority) has been attached to websites of banks, large corporations, public administration institutions, both large & medium-sized shops, and small specialized companies.



The Certum Commercial SSL comes with a warranty of approximately $200,000 , along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Certum is the oldest & largest Certificate Authority (CA) in Poland and is among the most trusted internet security companies in the world. They serve customers in more than 50 countries around the world and hold WebTrust seals for all their services which are related to electronic signatures. These certificates are exceptional options for customers looking for a more affordable brand that offers basic encryption features. Certum also offers several unique products within The SSL Store™, like an email certificate and a document signing certificate.

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

In a nutshell, because you’ll be getting the exact same products as you would from buying direct, but at much lower prices. How is this possible? Because we’re platinum partners with Comodo® and we buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates, so we’re able to pass those savings directly to our customers. Also, we don’t consider ourselves just an SSL provider, but rather a Premium SSL Service.

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